About Incense

Nippon Kodo values and preserves the 440-year-old fragrance culture and its traditions. We have the ability to procure the highest quality raw materials. And our perfumers hone their keen sensibility to produce unique fragrances. Inspired by the Eastern wisdom, elemense is designed to awaken all five senses to savor the invisible fragrance as it takes on a visible form.

Incense Burner and Incense Stand

Designed to elevate the incense experience, elemense incense burner and incense stand play an indispensable role in giving visible form to the fragrance as five senses are aroused.

Hasami Ware Incense Burner

This burner is made in the town of Hasami in Nagasaki Prefecture. It has a modern design with simple lines and curves. It was made with a traditional technique that has been preserved for generations. And the storage space adds a useful function to this beautiful burner.

Takaoka Copperware Incense Stand

From Takaoka City of Toyama Prefecture. Taking full advantage of a casting and molding technique that has been around for 400 years, this incense stand showcases the characteristics of bronze. Finished with the traditional color of deep black together with the natural color of bronze, this incense stand is the perfect balance of functionality and artistry.

Brass Incense Stand

Made with well-honed craftsmanship from small workshops in old downtown Tokyo, this incense stand was inspired by a brass cylindrical bar. Its simple design is the result of the turning process that requires extreme precision. The quality of craftsmanship is presented in every way, including the two holes on the stand for placing incense.